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Hello everyone, I'm Cindi, aka "domestic goddess", and I consider myself to be a country girl at heart. I'm also a mother to 3 daughters, and I have 1 granddaughter. Being a country gal, I enjoy preparing down-home country meals for my family. I also enjoy sharing recipes with others, collecting cookbooks, reading about the paranormal, and spending time with my family.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I had the most wonderful birthday!

Yesterday I celebrated my 57th birthday. I had the most wonderful day! In the morning my husband served me breakfast in bed, with some of my favorite breakfast foods... McDonald's Sausage & Cheese McGriddle Sandwich, plus he purchased one of those McCafé Cherry Berry Chiller drinks. It's a blended-ice drink bursting with the sweetness of cherry and raspberry. We also had Kwik Trips Glazer Donuts and English Toffee Coffee. All tasted so good!!

We spent the day at Jen's and Shennons'. Jen cooked us a wonderful meal... Beer Can Chicken, grilled brats, Amish Potato Salad, Grandma Richter's Wilted Lettuce Salad, Watermelon, and Angel Food Cake with Sweetened Strawberries and Cream. Wendy & Kerry brought more potato salad (from Festival Foods... I love their yellow mustard potato salad), plus a Tuna Macaroni Salad. Plus Wendy brought a huge variety of ice cream treats. Needless to say... I ate too much, and was stuffed!!!

Later Shennon brought out some of his & Jen's homemade wines... strawberry, rhubarb, strawberry-rhubarb, and cranberry-orange. My favorite was the rhubarb, then the strawberry. Jen & Shennon do make some of "the best" homemade wines.

I received some nice gifts... the flowers Kerry had given me, Wendy had given me... Alison Arngrim's book (aka Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie) Confessions of a Prairie Bitch. Hubby gave me a dvd, the first season of... Men of a Certain Age. (My husband and I so enjoyed that show, and were disappointed when it was cancelled!!). Dave also gave me some printers ink (as hubby knows how much I go through the ink and printing paper), and Heidi & JC gave me... a 2 piece combo electric melter, that you can either burn soy tarts or scented oils on them (along with my first soy scented tart to burn, called..."Happy Birthday Cake"). It smells sooo good!!

Later that night Kerry had called me and told me of the scented soy tarts she and Wendy burn on their electric burner. I couldn't believe how many varieties there are, and can't wait for my soy tarts to arrive. If anyone is interested in viewing the many soy tart scents that are available, just click onto the flowing links:
(You will be amazed at the unusual scents that the site has!)




Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic day, with wonderful food and presents !!
Have a great day.

Domestic Goddess said...

Monique, it was a fantasic day!! With good food and a loving family, it makes for a wonderful birthday.

Kerry said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Birthday! I thought it was a great time with great food! Jenny makes a pretty darn good host, right?! That Beer Can Chicken was so moist and juicy, I loved it! I was so nice of you to post your flowers too. Pretty flowers for a pretty lady!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hey Kerry, I couldn't resist posting a pic of the flowers, as they were so pretty. Kerry did you notice that I put the flowers in the vase you gave me? As for Jen's Beer Can Chicken, Jen sent some leftover chicken home with us, and I'm so glad she did, as I made the leftovers into chicken salad... you know with the mayo, dill, onion and honey mustard, and boy was that ever good; especially since the chicken was so flavorable to begin with.